‘Enrique’ – the first full interview from Hora Chilena is now online

Enrique in a lab coat with the Duke of Edinburgh, black and white

It has always been the intention of the Hora Chilena project to make the full stories of all those people we interviewed available to the wider public. Not only do they capture an important passage of social history, but the individual tales are, without exception, fascinating personal sagas which resonate for many people beyond Chile and the UK who have found themselves displaced.

This is the first of many that will go on-line. It is the engrossing story of Enrique, once of the Chilean Air Force before being sentenced to 25 years and a day by the Pinochet dictatorship for not sharing their politics. With the aid of smuggled letters and solid campaigning from the UK and elsewhere, he managed to get out and ended up in Cambridge where a new life began. This is his story, uncut.

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